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Download Shimeji (hacking) for Android

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Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 02-02-2022


Shimeji hacking - I present to your attention a rather unusual application (game) where you will have guests in your phone "Anime Chibiki" - these are animated characters that will live in your phone, and more specifically on the screen of your Android device.

These funny animeshki can get up all sorts of game on the screen of your device, for example, they can climb on the screen, on your shortcuts installed on the desktop, climb the search bar and even sneeze, thereby scaring you! They can also pull out do not understand what and do not understand where, for example, some strange object.

In one word "Shimeji", this is an anime resident on the screen of your phone!

Shimeji Features:

  • A unique idea of creating an application;
  • Chibiki are very interesting to watch;

Do not let new guests fill your phone controls what they do so-how they can close important tabs in the browser or get into your application while working. To prevent the Chibiki from interfering with the control of the phone, set the appropriate size in the settings.

The application is constantly updated, which means that you will always have new guests, new characters that are interesting to watch. At the moment, we have two versions of the application and this is hacking Shimeji on Android and the original version, which you can download in the apk file.

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  • Updated: 28-09-2022, 01:23 - v4.9

v4.9 - добавлены новые классные уровни! Различные исправления ошибок и улучшения стабильности.

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