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Endless Summer (uncensored) on Android

Category: Novels #+18 #For a tablet #Hacked games
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 26-08-2021


Endless summer without censorship - I present to your attention a game that was clearly not created for children from the RPG genre in which you can play day and night on the fly. Due to its content, the Endless summer game is recommended to be played only by adults from 18+!

Game history and plot:

As many might have thought, this is an ordinary and typical game with a boring plot and actions that take place in the summer. I want to tell these people right away that they are deeply mistaken and the game "endless summer" is the most important thing (without censorship) - this is a real masterpiece whose actions take place in the summer. The game has a full-fledged plot and a story from the "brought" genre with an incredibly exciting storyline.
The main character in the game is a certain guy named Semyon, who is currently depressed because there is nothing going on around, every single day everything is the same and there is simply nothing to do. He began to ask himself a difficult question: who is he and why is he here?

Semyon is already in a panic from the fact that he does not know what to do. His daily routine is working in the office at the computer (routine work who understands). Semyon does not live alone, as it should be at his age, but with his parents, who nag him every single day. But then one day something incredible and fantastic happened in his life. Semyon falls asleep on the bus and in his dream he dreams of something incredible, he gets into the most that does not eat a summer camp – then everything started to spin.

Features in the game-Endless Summer:

  1. Graphics - this is probably the most important feature in the game, which distinguishes it from all similar games! The graphics here are simply excellent, you can see everything down to the smallest detail. During the passage of the game, at some point you may think that you are really in a summer camp, which is very cool and cool for a potential game.

  2. Sound - where without sound, which also has a non-secondary role in the game, thanks to which the player is completely immersed in the virtual world of "Endless Summer" without censorship!

The uncensored version of the game, what does it mean?

This version is located on the LivePDA website.Ru is a version without a caesura, which means that only people over the age of 18+ can play the game. As far as the real fans of this game know, there is no censorship in the computer version of the game, but it was cut out of the Android version. But you can see the kok planet-earth is not without literate people, and therefore right now you can download the game Endless Summer without censorship on Android in an apk file for free, in Russian.