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Hoosegow: Prison Survival for Android

Category: Offline games #Simulators #Survival #For a tablet #In Russian #Without cache
Requirements: Android 5
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Date: 27-09-2022


Hoosegow: Prison Survival – each prison has its own rules and laws and this game based on prison prisoners is no exception. Before you say something, you should think 100 times that you would not be a fool, because yesterday you could have been a plowman, and today you have become nothing. There are consequences in prison at any time of the year, and before you do something, weigh every decision.

In-game gameplay:

At the very beginning of the game, the player randomly gets a prisoner with a random term of imprisonment. Your main task is not to die immediately, but to survive at any cost. Stock up on strength, big lunches and go to a terrible place called prison.

  • There are a lot of objects with which you can interact;
  • A huge number of ways to survive;
  • Even more awkward situations and humor.

Only you can decide according to what laws to live in the game Hoosegow: Prison Survival on Android according to thieves or what else everything depends only on you and most importantly remember to keep the sharpener with you and not trust anyone.

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  • Updated: 27-09-2022, 16:33 - v1.4.65

v1.27 - оптимизирована скорость загрузки игры!

v1.2.13 - не указано!

v1.2.19 - исправлены ошибки и улучшена скорость загрузки игры.

v1.3.8 - исправлены проблемы с достижениями.

v1.4.65 - новая взломанная версия где много золота и кармы!

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