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Forensic Master

Category: Offline games #Simulators #For a tablet #Without cache
Requirements: Android 4.x
Views: 957
Date: 14-09-2021


Forensic Master - this is a game for Android you probably haven't seen yet – it's a horror in which you will have to examine corpses to become the best criminal expert.

Features in the game Forensic Master:
  • There are additional mini-games;
  • Simple graphics that have no tension;

How to play:

Playing the game is quite simple all that is required of you is to go on a call and examine the corpse. You will have to pay attention to absolutely all the details, whether it's something under the nails or in the stomachs, you must fully examine the body to understand how the victim died and help the investigation find out from your own hand or the hand of the criminal, the victim died. Contact the investigation and catch the criminal before he commits another crime.

The result is that not everyone will like the game if you are not ready to play such games, then do not even download it, and if you are interested in the game Forensic Master, then you can download it right now from our website for free.