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Category: Action games #For a tablet #In Russian #Hacked games #Without cache
Requirements: Android 5
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Date: 18-10-2021

Description: - Red Light Green Light Multiplayer - I present to your attention a new squid game or "red and green light" is a game in which you need to run when the green light is on and stop when the red light is on. If you keep going to the red light, then remember that you will pay a certain price for it, and the price may even be your gaming life!

In this game a doll acts as a traffic light, you have to run to her as quickly as possible so that she does not notice you. Only the first five players pass to the next level, the rest will pay their price for losing.

It is quite simple to play the game if you have a good reaction, since the doll does not behave predictably, and you have to run or stop in time.

Game Features

  • Multiple levels;
  • There are many modes: running on glass steps, tug of war, squid game, etc.
  • Convenient and simple operation;
  • High-quality graphics and design.

Red Light Green Light - is an ordinary folk game, when you start it, you will not have any difficulties in mastering it, you will be able to understand everything from the first tests. Download the game - Red Light Green Light Multiplayer you can download the hacked version for money and without advertising from our website, but you can download the original from the off page of the game in the app store.