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Yandex Music (Plus Unlocked)

  • 40
Yandex Music (Mod, Plus Unlocked) is hacking an application for an infinite subscription from Plus.Yandex. The Yandex music app allows you to listen to the newest music tracks on your phone when the Internet is connected.

YouTube Vanced for Android

  • 60
YouTube Vanced is still the same YouTube application only without ads and with background playback and therefore it is a real mod and hacking of YouTube!

Spotify Premium download for free

  • 80
Spotify Premium – I present to your attention a hacked version of the program, in which you do not need a subscription to listen to music, just download the APK file and listen to music for free online on an Android device.

Download Anime Best App the latest version

  • 60
Anime Best App - is an application created for all fans of watching "anime" movies, cartoons and TV series. With the help of the bottom application, you can view video files on your phone for free with only the Internet. Anime Best App is just a huge catalog with anime content!