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  • Updated: 27-04-2023, 14:58
  • Android Version: 5.0
  • Current version:
  • Size: 56.23 Mb
  • Link to Google Play: open

Spotify Premium  (from the English Spotify Premium) – I present to your attention a hacked version of the program, in which you do not need a subscription to listen to music, just download the APK file and listen to music for free online on an Android device.

Why is the Spotify app popular?

You've probably heard about the Spotify app many times, seen ads or watched the green icon in the trends on Google Play, but you haven't downloaded it yet and haven't been interested in what it is.

In short, this is an application that connects to the Spotify music service and thereby allows you to listen to your favorite music via the Internet online without downloading it to Android devices and without buying from the authors. Everyone is satisfied only thanks to subscriptions to Spotify.

Application Interface:

It is quite simple to manage the application thanks to the intuitive interface. After the first launch, you will immediately be able to understand where to click on albums with tracks or on the years and find something old. You can view the most popular tracks at the moment or listen to something of your own from your favorite music. On Spotify, you can find absolutely any music for any mood or business that you are engaged in.

Features of Spotify Premium:

  • The ability to create your own playlists, which allows you to listen to your favorite music again when you exit the application, and not search again;
  • It is possible to download music to your device for further listening in offline mode without the Internet.
  • Thousands of artists with millions of tracks, a huge number of albums, which is impossible to count.
  • The presence of an algorithm that selects music exactly for you based on your interests.

In general, if you like listening to music while going to school in transport or just listening to your favorite songs to relax after work, then the Spotify Premium app for Android should please you. Try to download and test it if you like it, leave it, but if not, it won't take long to delete it.

Spotify Premium download for free

Download Spotify Premium download for free for free

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