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Hagi Vagi - Poppy Playtime for Android

Category: Horror #Arcades #Runners
Requirements: Android 4.x
Views: 5 865
Date: 12-12-2021


Hagi Vagi - Poppy Playtime is one of the most exciting games of the outgoing year about Hagi Vagi! For those who do not know or do not understand what it is about, the character Hagi Wagi is a blue monster from the horror games Poppy Playtime. The character has a very large head and eyes, and he is also blue! And Hagi Vagi is very big, he has a lot of fur and because of this he seems big, but in fact he can fit even into the narrowest spaces.

Initially, the character Hagi Vaga appeared in the game "Poppy Playtime" is the first part, but chapter 2 will be released very soon in early 2022.

Hagi Wagi - Poppy Playtime Game:

In the game Hagi Vagi escaped from the toy factory and is now looking for you! The game itself resembles a kind of runner where you have to overcome obstacles and not get caught by Hagi Wagi! You can download the game only on our website below using the links in the APK file for free.