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Hello Neighbor (apk + cache) for Android

Category: Horror #Adventures #Survival #For a tablet #Without cache
Requirements: Android 7.x
Views: 820
Date: 13-12-2021


Hello Neighbor or as they also call "Hello Neighbor " a popular horror (horror story) from a well-known developer in which the player needs to get into a neighbor's house to find out what he is doing there and what he hides behind an ominous curtain of darkness.

As it turned out, your opponent will be some kind of artificial intelligence, which itself learns from your actions and therefore it is stupid to make mistakes. The Hello Neighbor game on Android makes it clear to us that technology is moving forward with each new day and this game will definitely be interesting for those who like to run away, avoid traps and climb into other people's houses through the window.


Bottom line, the game Hello Neighbor on Android is something with something in the popular horror genre today. You can download the game here by following the links or on the off-site of the app store!