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  • Updated: 2-08-2023, 20:47
  • Android Version: 8.0
  • Current version: 1.5.44
  • Size: 487 Mb
  • Link to Google Play: open

Niffelheim is a simulator in which the player will play for the fallen in battle, who accidentally got not to Asgard for retirement, but the harsh and mythical world of Niflheim. It's quite difficult to squeeze in this world, so you have to do everything possible to stay alive. Build yourself a fortress, explore the dungeons and find your way along which to move on.

How to squeeze in the afterlife:

Perhaps you didn't know, but wars remain wars even in the afterlife! Get on the last path and prove to the Gods what you really stand for. Crazy cold, darkness and death are not scary to you in life, and even more so now! Learn the secrets of the game, foreign lands and stock up on everything you need for survival.

Don't become forgotten:

In the game you have to do everything not to become a forgotten war, so for this you have to defend your lands and wet everyone who encroaches on them. With each death of an enemy, you get one step closer to Azgard.

Among the features, it is worth highlighting quite good graphics, an interesting plot, clear controls and a fairly acceptable weight! You can download the game Niffelheim for Android for free from our website or off-site applications.

Video review from youtube:
Niffelheim Mod
Niffelheim Mod

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