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Симулятор свалки взлом, много денег

Junkyard Builder Simulator Mod Money v1.34 for Android

Category: Simulators #Hacked games #For a tablet #Without cache
Requirements: Android 5
Views: 427
Date: 07-01-2022


Landfill Simulator is a mobile game for Android phones that has won its place under the scorching sun in which you will play the role of the owner of a real landfill with garbage. It will be hard and new for you to manage your Trash, but then you will become a real giant when you get used to it and start buying new technologies for recycling garbage.

I would like to note that your game will consist not only in garbage! You will be able to find old cars that have been handed over to Chermet and restore them to sell and earn more than from melting metal.

Of course, to make money quickly, it's enough just to work and resell metal for remelting, but to earn more at your landfill, you can sort plastic by color and characteristics, just like paper.

Bottom line the game Junkyard Builder Simulator for Android is a fairly realistic dump management simulator in which you can play for hours without stopping. On our website you can download the hacking version, where you do not need to work to save money to improve your landfill.