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Avatariya Mod Money

Category: Simulators #In Russian #For a tablet #Hacked games #Without cache
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 10-01-2022


Today I want to introduce you to a new game Avatar for Android in which you will learn how to get acquainted with a guy or a girl if you are shy or do not know how to start a conversation, and you can also find your first love – of course, in the game you can just relax and have fun spending free time together with the opposite sex.

What is an Avatariya?

Avataria is a virtual world where every user can find a friend or soulmate he has no boundaries because of the huge map, location. In this world, there is a chat for correspondence, whose own character will need to be created at the very beginning of the game. As for the characters, you can create anyone and, for example, copy from yourself or vice versa, create the complete opposite of the real world and, if you are a quiet person, create a crazy party girl!

Features of the game:
  • More than 800 models for character creation;
  • A huge number of items;
  • More than 400 elements of creating a face for a character: lips, nose, eyes, ears;
  • It is possible to change the facial expressions and appearance of the character at any time!

Avataria - virtual love

In addition to love and endless dreams, you will be able to build your own dream house, in which you can make repairs by choosing from more than 1.5k pieces of furniture for the interior. You can choose a ready-made interior from designers and builders or get VIP access to a super secret room.

In order for your character to flourish and rejoice, you can look for new friends to chat with every day if you wish. Flirt with strangers, give gifts and receive from other participants. Every day life goes on and new friends and enemies appear – where without them.

If the relationship has gone too far, then you can sign and even play a lavish wedding, to which you can invite all your friends and acquaintances. Choose the most beautiful dress and surprise everyone with your look and all this in the mobile virtual world of Avatar on Android.

Avataria Nightlife

If you are not interested in whining and other things, you can lead a nightlife by going to clubs and making acquaintances there, and in the morning go to a cafe, then to the beauty salon and back to the nightclub. And so it is possible indefinitely thanks to the hacked Avatar on Android, since there is always money.

If you play the original version of the game, then you cannot do without money, because without money you will not be able to buy food, outfits and go to beauty salons, clubs and so on. To get money, you need to work at a job that you first need to get! Well, if you are not paid enough, then arrange a party right at home, without pretentious clubs! And if someone's pissed off, throw a cake in his face for fun!

Download Avatariya

Try to become the most beautiful and irresistible in the game, have a bright hairstyle and a cool outfit, and then the title of the brightest Avatar person will not take long to wait. You can download the game for free from the links below or, as always, install it directly from Google Play. Have a nice game and have a good acquaintance in the limitless virtual world!