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  • Updated: 31-07-2023, 13:49
  • Android Version: 5.0
  • Current version: 1.4.1
  • Size: 142.73 Mb
  • Link to Google Play: open

Let’s Survive (MOD, Free Craft) – meet the new offline survival game with Russian for Android, where the player is waiting for a sea of fear, ashes, mutants and zombie thugs. A game in which only the strongest and the most cunning survive, as well as those who know how to craft, build shelters and houses!

Let's survive

Let’s Survive. Zombie survival

A typical survival game with good graphics, sound and most importantly  without the Internet on Android in which you will build yourself a shelter from zombies, as well as craft weapons and other items. You will constantly need to look for something useful on the way through the game. You will have to destroy zombies that want to bite you or tear you to shreds! Complete quests and try to find other survivors because it will be easier to survive together

What awaits you in the game

  • Survival at any cost;
  • Construction of houses and shelters;
  • Crafting weapons and other items;
  • The storyline that is told in the quests;
  • Communication with other computer players;
  • Battle with the leaders of zombies;
  • You can drive cars!

In general, these are the main features of this game, but the main feature is an offline game where you do not need the Internet to play from anywhere in the world – do not forget that you can get a reward in the game every day!

Download Let's Survive

Already now you can download the game in hacked form to your phone, where you can craft weapons for free – you can also download the original version of the game or start playing honestly, which version of Let's Survive to play is up to you to choose – have a nice game!

Video review from youtube:
Let’s Survive (MOD, Free Craft)
Let’s Survive (MOD, Free Craft)

Download Let’s Survive (MOD, Free Craft) for free

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