Kiss Kiss: Spin the Bottle 18+

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Kiss Kiss: Spin the Bottle 18+

Kiss Kiss: Spin the Bottle 18+ is a game in which you will communicate with players from all over the world to meet and chat on romantic topics. The game "Kitty Kitty" was very popular and therefore now there are a lot of guys and girls in it who are eager for new acquaintances, including with you.

Bottle game

In the game you can have a productive dialogue or a romantic one, and maybe even flirt here as it goes. In the game, you randomly get to a table with a stranger for a bottle game. You will twist the bottle and who will show the neck of that and be given a kiss – this way you will quickly understand who you have sympathy for, giving your kiss.

You can also set up the game so that you will only play with those who are near Swami so that after the game you can meet if you want.

Download the game Kitty Kitty Bottle

On our website you can download the apk of the game for free and start getting acquainted now! The game can also be downloaded from the store, but why? Have a nice game in the new version of Kis!

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