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Fishing Planet MOD APK

Category: Simulators #Arcades #Tablet #Rus #Without cache
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 24-11-2022


I present to you an online fishing simulator Fishing Planet for Android in the first person. In the game you can fish from the pier or from a boat, compete with other players on the Internet. The Fishing Planet game really gives you sharp draining and excitement in fishing.

The competitive component consists in a multiplayer mode, where you will participate in tournaments and receive achievements, points credits, and so on.

The game has:
  • More than 130 species of fish that can be caught;
  • More than 20 incredible fishing spots with an active bite;
  • The change of day and night, the dynamic temperature of both air and water;
  • As many as three types of motor boats with unique characteristics;
  • Thousands of baits.

Download the game Fishing Planet

So, the only thing left that is worth noting and highlighting in the game is the opportunity to fish using a float rod, spinning or bottom fishing. Well, at the end you can download Fishing Planet for Android for free from our server!

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  • Updated: 24-11-2022, 04:06 - v1.0.103

v1.0.92 - полная версия обновленной игры - бесплатно!

v1.0.103 - техническая поддержка и мелкие исправления, рекомендуем обновить игру!