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Sniper 3D (MOD, Unlimited Coins)

Category: Action #Offline games #Mod #Tablet #Rus #Without cache
Requirements: Android 6.x
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Date: 29-10-2022


Sniper 3D (MOD, Unlimited Coins) - today I would like to offer you the most popular sniper game of 2022. Your task will be to shoot with a sniper rifle at the target from far away, you have to hit exactly in the head to hit the enemy with a single bullet. The main feature of the game is the 3D visual effect of how your bullet reaches the target, just like in the movie Matrix in slow motion.

The game features multiple game modes for online and offline play without an internet connection in order to play Sniper 3D from anywhere in the world without an internet connection.

Game modes:

  1. Start with career mode, where you must visit 21 cities and eliminate targets in them.
  2. Multiplayer mode is an online game mode where you will compete with other players from around the world.
  3. Another online mode is Friends Squad, where you and your friends fight against other squad teams.
  4. The fast game consists of daily quests, events and it is in these that you can get rare weapons and equipment.
  5. Zombie mode is the one where you have to save the city from the zombie invasion for valuable rewards.
  6. The last mode is training or practice, in this mode you can hone your shooting skills at the shooting range.

Of course it's hard to prove anything until you know the game, but the numbers are telling the truth and the game has already been downloaded over 500 million times! It's this game has a huge number of rifles for all occasions, more than 150 varieties from which you can gather an entire collection.

Download Sniper 3D:Shooting Game

Features in the game:

  • Ability to upgrade your own weapons;
  • Ultra-realistic 3D graphics (bullet flight to target);
  • Easy and intuitive to control with one finger;
  • Competitive modes with other players;
  • Game without internet and tactical battles;
  • Time-based hostage rescue and more.

Download Sniper 3D

If you play this game, you'll be happy to spend time and sharpen your shooting skills and accuracy on target, you will have a huge number of tasks in career, single-player mode. But in multiplayer mode, you'll be immersed in a dynamic shooter with endless hours of online play.

As a result, we have an excellent game, where you can shoot criminals with different rifles, complete interesting tasks and visit different cities. To start playing right now, just download Sniper 3D for Android from our website for free.

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