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Zombie Hunter: Killing Games

Category: Action #Mod #Survival #Without cache #Tablet
Requirements: Android 8.x
Views: 266
Date: 23-10-2022


Zombie Hunter: Killing Games is a new zombie apocalypse action game where you will play as a brave girl with her dog, who will be able to face the zombie invasion and fight back with everything you can! As in many similar games, you will play in the first person, the story is very simple and standard - after another infection, everyone became infected and began to turn into zombies, which led to the complete fall of the Earth and the collapse of humanity. Now those who are left are forced to survive, collect items and look for food in order to last another day.

Features in the game:

  • You can shoot from a rifle;
  • You can find bonus boxes;
  • Quite a lot of missions in the career;
  • A lot of different weapons;
  • You can play online or offline.

Download Zombie Hunter: Killing Games

As a result, we have a rather interesting action game and a heroine for completing missions, as well as a dog that will help us in everything. To start playing today, just download Zombie Hunter: Killing Games for Android for free from our website!