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AccuBattery Pro (Full APK)

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Requirements: Android 7.x
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Date: 24-10-2022


AccuBattery Pro (Full APK) is a very useful application that allows you to increase the life of your phone battery by 200%, isn't it cool? How does this happen? Is it really a miracle fiction? No! Scientific research has proven that if you charge your phone only up to 80%, then its service life will increase! The lithium-ion batteries of your device are involved in this, experiments were carried out on them and now, thanks to the AccuBattery Pro app, you will not miss the time of disconnecting your phone from the outlet!

In the program you will be able to:

Set the time when the charger is turned off;
Enable a reminder to charge the battery;
Find out the status of the device's internal battery;
You can also find out the percentage of battery wear.

In addition to everything else, the application has additional utilities that will help you save the life of your battery, for example, you can view the number of applications and how much they consume your battery, how often they work and maybe they should be disconnected from background work, in this way you will not only save your battery life, but also its expense!

Download AccuBattery Pro

As a result, we have a very useful application that will help extend the service life of our phone, also this application will help you buy a used phone not with a dead battery. The app has a lot of desktop widgets and additional features that will help save your battery power!