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Survivors: The Quest (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Category: Survival #Offline games #Mod #Rus #Tablet #Without cache
Requirements: Android 4.x
Views: 236
Date: 30-10-2022


Survivors: The Quest (MOD, Unlimited Money) is a new survival game that will throw you onto a deserted island where you have to squeeze through all kinds of puzzles, mini-games and 3 in a row! The story of the game is that you woke up after a gray airplane crash on the island and you are the only one who squeezed. Let's explore the island and see what we can use on it to survive on our own!

In the game you will have to explore the island, search the island for survival items, create your own items, particularly weapons to fight wild animals. You'll also get to farm and beg for food. Try to survive among the wild monsters on this very creepy island!

Island Survival:

Everything from here on out, your main quest is to squeeze on the island. Create materials from the materials at hand, explore the traces of past people, and gather resources to squeeze out.

Download Survivors: Survive the Island


In the end we have another survival game, which by the way has Russian and a mod for a lot of money! To start playing now, just download the game from our website!