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Pocket Galaxy: Sandbox (Premium)

Category: Simulators #Casual #Offline games #Tablet #Mod #Without cache
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 01-11-2022


Pocket Galaxy: Sandbox (Premium) is a game for astronomy lovers and not only. In the game you can manually arrange the planets as you like and create your own solar system. It's worth noting that this is the full version of the game that you need to buy, but it's free for you!

Start creating your own universe right now, simulate all the planets, orbits in 3D and create an endless outer space with realistic physics rules. You can create, for example, repulsive gravity and see what will happen, or create an exact copy of the Earth.

Features in the game:

  • A huge variety of cleans, gases and stars;
  • A wonderful space game with gravity and the ability to destroy everything;
  • This is already a well–known game called - Team universe!

Download Pocket Galaxy: sandbox

As a result, we have a simulator in which we can simulate the whole universe with planets and stars, as well as gravity. To start playing this game, just download Kar-manna galaxy: sandbox for free on android.