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College Brawl (18+, Mod)

Category: +18 #Mod #Without cache
Requirements: Android 5
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Date: 10-11-2022


College Brawl (18+, Mod) is a game for adults in which you will play for Ken and Anko schoolchildren who were attacked by a gang named "Red Cats" they stole something from you and only you can put everything back in place. You weren't there at all when the accident happened, but your classmates saw everything!

The game has 5 stages and 5 bosses, and in the additional mode there are 26 anime images. You will receive honor points for defeating enemies and thereby restore your honor, make love and use points to restore health.

Features in the game:

  • Very simple operation;
  • A mod for Revive Player (get health points by clicking the (score) button).

Download College Brawl

As a result, you can download a unique College Brawl game for Android from our website for free, you can only play for adults! The game has quite ordinary 2D flat graphics, which was once on all consoles, the game will be quite interesting to play for all ages!