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REDCON (Mod, Full Version)

Category: Strategies #Casual #Offline games #Rus #Tablet #Mod #Without cache
Requirements: Android 5
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Date: 14-11-2022


REDCON (Mod, Full Version) is a hacked, full version of the game without restrictions. In the game you will command your own fort and create the best artillery battery to fight the enemies.

Features of REDCON

  • The game is completely open and free;
  • You can command your fort as you want;
  • You can give several orders at once;
  • Be cunning and throw your saboteurs while the enemies are sleeping;
  • Awards for winning;
  • The version with more than 18 levels;
  • The game is in Russian.

It is worth noting and probably highlighting that the game takes place in the distant future, and not the present as it may seem. The First World War is far from over and all of humanity still lives in an unpredictable world!

Download the game REDCON

As a result, we have a currently relevant REDCON game for Android in which you can stick for more than one day improving the characteristics of your fleet and the dominance of yourself!