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  • Updated: 28-05-2023, 18:54
  • Android Version: 4.4
  • Current version: 3
  • Link to Google Play: open

Run Egg Get Robux is a dynamic arcade game with runner and platformer elements, where the player needs to help the funny protagonist run the distance and collect as many eggs as possible. The key feature of this game is that here you can earn roboxes for the Roblocks gaming platform for free by simply playing the game. The game received a pleasant cartoon design, very simple control mechanics due to standard taps on the screen.


The plot in the game is quite primitive and added simply to explain the gameplay. The central character is a funny egg with eyes, small handles and thin legs. His friends were captivated by a terrible creature and locked in a huge multi-storey tower. Our hero goes on a journey through the floors of the tower to free friends and collect as many gold coins as possible.


The game was made in the format of an arcade runner with elements of a platformer. The player will take control of a funny character in the form of an egg with eyes and go on a trip through a multi-level tower. But this is not quite an ordinary tower. Its peculiarity is that a road is wrapped around the tower, along which the hero will climb or descend depending on the level.

On the way of movement, the hero needs to collect small eggs, as well as pick up gold coins. In between passes, the collected items can be exchanged for roboxes for the Roblocks gaming platform. That is, the more game items you have, the more you can get as a result of robuxes.

The mechanics of controlling the main character are very simple. It moves in automatic mode, and the player only needs to have time to press the screen so that the hero makes a jump. With a double tap, the hero will make a double jump. But here it is important to take into account that the speed of movement of the main character is constantly increasing and if you do not react in a timely manner, then the hero will fall into the abyss or collide with some kind of trap, of which there are plenty at the level. Any barrier is able to send the protagonist to the very beginning of the level with the loss of all collected items. At the very end of the level of the hero, a very pleasant reward awaits, but you still need to get to it. The gameplay is not very hardcore, but you still have to try.

Features of the game:

  • a funny protagonist;
  • very simple control mechanics;
  • dynamic gameplay with an uncomplicated idea;
  • the opportunity to earn robos for free for the Roblocks playground.
Run Egg Get Robux

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