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  • Updated: 28-05-2023, 18:54
  • Android Version: 4.4
  • Current version: 2.0
  • Link to Google Play: open

Smile & Spikes is an entertaining runner with endless gameplay, pleasant controls and simple design. This game is positioned as a great way to kill free time. A kind of timekiller with the opportunity to have a fun day off. The game received a very simple but dynamic gameplay, a funny protagonist, uncomplicated graphic design and very simple controls.


You will play for a pretty emoji who needs to run a certain distance. Everything would be fine, but on the path of the hero's race there will be various threats that need to be bypassed and successfully overcome as much distance as possible in order to receive a very pleasant reward.


The gameplay is presented in the genre of "runner" with dynamic endless gameplay. The main acting character is a funny emoji that should run the distance. There are no levels here, so the game continues until the hero has lost all his lives. 3 lives are given for one passage. Having lost all his lives, the hero goes to the very beginning.

The mechanics of passing are extremely simple. The hero runs in automatic mode along a special track fenced on both sides of the screen with endless walls. The path is in vertical format. On the right and left walls there are different dangers: spikes, needles, saws, and so on. In no case should you approach these elements, as this is a guaranteed loss of life. Also, similar traps will be found on the road itself. They also need to be bypassed, since a collision will lead to the loss of one life. If necessary, the hero can release peculiar shells, with the help of which you can destroy periodically appearing opponents. As the distance progresses, the difficulty will increase and in the end death will overtake the protagonist.

Gold coins lie on the road, which need to be collected. These coins have two roles. They increase the total score and for them you can buy different skins for your ward. However, keep in mind that skins only change the visual component of the character. Also, a change in the level background is bought for coins.

Features of the game:

  • an uncomplicated idea;
  • dynamic gameplay with ever-increasing complexity;
  • you can buy skins to change the appearance of the hero;
  • very simple control;
  • minimalist design with fun design.
Smile & Spikes

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