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On May 10, Torchlight: Infinite was released for smartphones and PCs. On the early version, something was felt wrong. Lack of content, plot and gameplay components. But at the launch, the robot carried out over the errors is noticeable.

torchlight-infinite-1Progress and heroes

The game is conditionally free, and a huge amount of resources, currencies and materials have been added to such a component as expected. But the nice thing is that any action will bring some kind of reward.

The most important component of such a game plan is multiplayer, in this project it is still underpowered. The slaves promise to bring him to mind.

Variability is a big plus of this game. The characters have their talents that can be pumped as you like. No one forbids experiments. And to the four already familiar characters, several more new heroes were added.

torchlight-infinite-2Now you can play for a barbarian, a charmer who controls ice and fire, a magician who, with the help of illusions, deals with opponents, a courtyard with a bunch of minions, a fan service in the form of a cat girl, an oracle and Explosive Supernova - she throws bombs at enemies. Some of the characters boast the ability to chop in alternative fighting mechanics.

Pastures are also added to the skills, which are pumped using the currency "memories." And as the levels are reached, the characters will receive new bonuses or abilities.

From the start, the creation of equipment is available, and over time, the "overlay of enchantments" opens, which allows you to strengthen it. It's nice that gray junk falling from mobs can be recycled to create "purple" kits.

Additional challenges

Up to level 60, the game resembles an easy walk. There is no need for a mess with shomt, enchantment and builds and you can just grind heaps of packs, collecting loot. But this is if you move on the plot company.

The developers have provided fatigue from such gameplay, so they have introduced tests that can challenge both the skills and level of player pumping.

torchlight-infinite-3torchlight-infinite-3Here there is both a tower defense with waves of enemies, and duels with powerful enemies, and zones appear on the map, a trip to which will bring rewards and make you sweat a little.

The "abode of improvement" speaks for itself. At the request of the player, he can go to a world of illusions, where he will meet with strong bosses who will appear one after another. With each appearance, they will be 10 levels stronger.

The monastery attracts with its challenge. Moreover, having died on the boss, when the player returns, he will receive a restored enemy CP, when in company, it is preserved.


The game has base cities in which there are artisans, traders and other non-copies for the sale of coins and loot. A huge number of players run along them, but the multiplayer component ends there. Yes, there is a friendlist, and guilds, but all this is underpaid and the intervention of developers is required. Although, the auction is excellent.

Running solo in the same locations with unchanged mobs and bosses is exhausting. And without this, getting to the content endgame will not work.

But for his sake it is worth going through this hell. At first, the enemies, of course, fall from the cheek, but over time their power grows. Having defeated the boss of a certain region, the level of difficulty is getting drunk. The maximum value of the complexity of the region is eight. Also in the game is the main boss who is in the underworld. And here the essence of extensive opportunities in builds and skills is revealed.

In the Underworld - an interesting development. The player receives many things only after reaching, for example, compasses. And to pass, you need to save special currencies, as well as collect decks of "Chaos" and "Character" cards.

Players enjoy experiments, different variations and making mistakes. But going through such dynamic locations would be fun in a cooperative.

The game definitely lacks the multiplayer component. Expirience is excellent, you can play, but there is room to grow. It remains to wait for the introduction of co-ops and grind the Prepody.

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