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  • Android Version: 5.0
  • Current version: 3.9.1
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Sonic the Hedgehog Classic is the first game starring a blue hedgehog from SEGA, developed for Mega Drive consoles in 1991, and then successfully ported to Android systems. Anyone can play an amazing two-dimensional platformer with action and runner elements, taking control of the legendary Sonic and going with him on a long journey through a huge virtual world. The game has a pleasant pixel design, very convenient and simple controls, as well as cool voice acting of effects.


According to the background, one insidious scientist decided to enslave the whole world and all living beings living in it. He wants to make them slaves who will serve him for the rest of his days. The world is in serious danger, and if the scientist is not stopped, then soon everything will change dramatically. Blue hedgehog Sonic is the only one who is able to stop a mad scientist. But to do this, he needs to find 7 ancient artifacts scattered throughout the gaming world. By combining artifacts, a powerful stream of ancient power will fall on the scientist, which will destroy his empire once and for all.


The game is made in the format of a two-dimensional platformer with a side view in a pixel version. The gameplay is divided into levels. Each level is a distance strewn with various kinds of traps, obstacles and henchmen of an insidious scientist.

Before the start of the race, the player needs to select a mode. There is a standard mode for passing, and there is a mode with a time limit. In the first mode, the player will consistently go through the levels, collecting rings and fighting opponents. In the second mode, you need to do the same, but a limited time is allotted for passing. If the hero does not meet this gap, then you will have to start from the very beginning.

By successfully passing the levels, you can unlock additional heroes with unique abilities. These abilities will be useful for passing certain areas of the location, as well as for destroying level bosses.

As you progress, the difficulty will increase slightly so that the player does not relax and is always extremely concentrated. But in general, the game cannot be called hardcore, and in it you can still get a lot of pleasure from controlling Sonic and his friends.

Features of the game:

  • fully optimized gameplay for Android devices;
  • the famous Sonic and his friends with unique abilities;
  • the ability to control characters using a controller.
Video review from youtube:
Sonic the Hedgehog Classic
Sonic the Hedgehog Classic

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