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Постер Eyes: Horror & Scary Monsters

Eyes: Horror & Scary Monsters

Category: Horror #Arcades #In Russian #Hacked games #Without cache #Popular game
Requirements: Android 2.3.x
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Date: 18-12-2021


Eyes - the horror game (Eyes - the horror game) - A game that you should not pass by, unless of course you like horror movies!

Eyes: Horror & Scary Monsters

In the game you will play as one of their hunters for easy money, you will go to an abandoned castle, which is located outside the city. Someone started a rumor that there are ancient treasures in this terrible castle, but to take them you need to be brave and fearless, as the treasures are guarded by ghosts. After entering the castle, you will already shit your pants! Here you will collect bags of loot and mysterious signs with an eye that point the way to real wealth.

Eyes: A scary, adventure horror game

Of the minuses of the game, it is worth highlighting the slightly outdated Unity engine on which the game is built, so the graphics here are not very good. Another thing is the soundtrack, it's at the highest level here. In any case, the game is worth playing, especially for those people who have played and who liked the game Slender Man.

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  • Updated: 18-12-2021, 06:42 - v6.1.60
Мод версия v6.1.60:
eyes-the-horror-game-6_1_60-mod.apk Вес: 61.98 Mb
Цитата: Особенности мода
Можно бесплатно покупать платные вещи и деньги увеличиваются когда вы их тратите. Также использование глаз увеличивает их количество!

v6.1.60 - обновлена библиотека и исправлены ошибки.