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Angry Birds Star Wars HD

Category: Arcades #Strategies #For a tablet
Requirements: Android 3.x
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Date: 03-08-2021


And so here it is a new Angry Birds Star Wars game which is not related to space birds and other Angry Birds episodes. This is the fifth part with a recurring plot of the movie "Star Wars".

Angry Birds Star Wars HD

This episode of the game is very diverse and yet in some levels it is similar to Angry Birds Space. The main characters of the birds again have new abilities that can be used not only in flight, but also after they fall into the territory of pigs. The pig also became more cool and learned to shoot from a blaster, when it hits a bird, it will change the flight path. To some extent, this is a good plus for the player, see when you hit them with a bird, they start bombing anywhere, including by themselves. Also, pig attacks can be repelled with Luke's sword if he flies next to the charge. Another thing that can be highlighted from the gameplay of the game is that now you need to collect gold droids, and not eggs as it was in previous releases. There are also new chips, namely bonus levels, which open depending on the number of stars earned on the level.


Each Bird now acts as one of the heroes of the movie Star Wars.

The red bird is Luke Skywalker, the blue birds are the rebels, the yellow bird is Han Solo, the pink bird is Princess Leah, the black bird is Obi-Wan Kenobi, the white bird is C-3PO and the egg has now begun to bring down pigs with an electric shock. There are other interesting characters for which you can play. It is also worth noting that the pigs have turned into heroes and they have new characters.

Total in the game Angri Birds Star Wars on Android you will have to go through six unique episodes plus three bonus ones. Bottom line the game deserves a solid top five and below you can rate it in action on your Android device.