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Постер Angry Birds Go! Mod for Android

Angry Birds Go! Mod for Android

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Requirements: Android 2.3.x
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Date: 02-08-2021


< strong>Angry Birds Go! - This is a brand new angry birds from the Rovio Mobile team! This time you will not need to shoot birds with a slingshot, although how to say it. In Angry Birds Go, you will drive on wooden carts! That's so slow but surely a popular game Angry Birds has switched from arcade to racing.

Angry Birds Go! Mod for Android

In the game you will take away, qualitatively drawn, beautiful graphics, funny and funny soundtracks. The essence of the game is to overtake the pigs in your car, collect coins and get to the finish line first. If the game did not have wheelbarrows, then it could safely be attributed to runners, but as they are, we will consider the game a race.

As you progress through the game, you will discover new tracks and new cars, more powerful and with nitro acceleration. Play Angry Birds Go game! on an Android phone or tablet, it's quite funny and interesting. I would also like to note several control options, you can rotate both by touching the screen and tilting the device. It will be convenient to play both on a tablet and on a phone, of course, it is more interesting on a tablet.

All that remains of the old Angry Birds in the game Angry Birds Go!, so these are birds, pigs and of course a slingshot which you will have to launch a car with a bird on the track at the start, just at this moment you need not brake, otherwise you will be overtaken.

Conclusion: new Angry Birds Go game! it is worthy of attention, the game is interesting to play, it certainly draws you into your gameplay! Below you can download the free version and try it out on your Android device.

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  • Updated: 2-08-2021, 21:15 - v2.9.1

v1.6.3 - Разработчики внесли ряд изменений, чтобы игра стала лучше и быстрее.

v2.9.1 - внесено множество изменений чтобы игра стала ещё быстрее и лучше!