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  • Updated: 14-06-2023, 13:12
  • Android Version: 4.0
  • Link to Google Play: open

The very first version of the game Angry Birds on Android, which conquered the whole world with its unique gameplay built on the laws of physics.

The game Angry Birds  is a kind of strategy in which you will need logical thinking to destroy pigs.

Angry Birds HD (hacking, money) for Android

The whole game is based on the fact that the bloodthirsty pigs stole the eggs of cute birds and after that they became very angry, they put a slingshot and without sparing themselves shoot themselves into the barricades of pigs.

At the very beginning of the game, you will have only one red bird, you will shoot it with a slingshot. For the first few levels, you will learn all the chips of the game. In the following levels, you will be joined by other birds with their own unique abilities.

The Angry Birds game is very addictive, it will surely appeal to both adults and children. The goal in the game is the complete destruction of pigs from the playing field, but unfortunately, it will not be easy to get to them because they build very significant barricades. At first, you can play for fun, pass bonus levels and much more, but to become a real bird thrower, you must score the maximum number of points, and to do this, you need to spend the minimum number of birds and get three stars for it.


Bottom line, the game Angry Birds on Android get the maximum score from LivePDA.Ru. The game can be played both on a tablet and on a phone and it is completely free. It is also worth noting that the developers often update the game and add new bonus levels.

Angry Birds HD (hacking, money) for Android

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