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Angry Birds Star Wars 2

Category: Arcades #Strategies #For a tablet #Without cache
Requirements: Android 2.3.x
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Date: 03-08-2021


The continuation of the first part of the already sensational Evil Birds of Star Wars. The game is completely separated from the previous one and is called Angry Birds Star Wars 2 it largely repeats the plot of the first part, from which we can conclude that the game is a prehistory.

The story of the game begins with the fact that the Trade Federation, led by Darth, infiltrated Naboo, they staged a blockade and kidnapped Queen Amidala. Jedi Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan have to free the queen. They managed to escape and fly away, but the fugitives ' ship was shot down and the birds ended up on the desert planet Tatooine. And so on through the film.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2

And so what awaits us in the second part of the game Angry Birds: Star Wars 2! Well, first of all, you will be able to choose which side you will play for? The balance in the universe depends on it!

For sure, many people have long wanted to play not only for birds, but also for pigs. So if you choose pigs, then you can play as the characters of Darth Maul and Emperor Palpatine, yes, yes, it is for them!

Thanks to the change of faction, we think that the game Angry Birds Star Wars 2 will become a real hit, just like the classic Angry Birds in its time.

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