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Постер Stickman World Battle for Android download

Stickman World Battle for Android download

Category: Strategies #Survival #For a tablet #Hacked games #Without cache
Requirements: Android 5
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Date: 17-12-2021


Stickman World Battle - meet the new game in which the main role is "Stickman" this is an exciting strategic RTS game with elements of survival and not just because it is a line of "World War" on Android. In the game you can control an army of little men, tanks and helicopters.

To strengthen your positions every day, you will need money, and in order to get it, you need to pump oil and sell it. Upon reaching the goal, you will be able to hire the most reckless warriors, engineers, machine gunners, taxi drivers and helicopter pilots. Upgrade your skills and achievements, as well as weapons and equipment. And remember that the course of events of this endless war depends only on you.

The presence of multiple modes in Stickman World War:

Career mode is the mode in which you will pass the game in the company. You have to capture other people's lands. Protect your base from the onslaught of enemies, as well as think and think strategically how to destroy the enemy as effectively as possible.

Survival is a mode in which all you have to do is survive in an endless battle, earn money and hold out as long as possible in order to improve your soldiers and strengthen the towers in the future.

Multiplayer is an online mode in which you can fight at least with the whole world or with your friends in real time.


Features in the game Stickman World War:

  • Incredible graphics that will intrigue everyone;
  • Availability of bonus levels, locations and other maps;
  • New heroes that you haven't seen yet in the Stickman game series;
  • A large selection of game modes, everyone will find their own;
  • Of course, HD graphics and an incredible soundtrack;

In general, the hacked Stickman World War game on Android is what many have been waiting for here, many will find what they have wanted for so long. You can download the game absolutely for free using the links below or from the official store.

Now the game is called: Stickman World Battle

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  • Updated: 17-12-2021, 06:16 - v1.24

Версия 1.11 оптимизация и исправлены ошибки!

Добавлен МОД: много денег!

Новое название игры Stickman World Battle

v1.21 - новые уровни и герои!

v1.24 - новые уровни и персонажи (герои).