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Asphalt 8 - Аркадные Гонки

Asphalt 8: Airborne (Mod, Free Shopping)

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Requirements: Android 3.x
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Date: 25-11-2022


The new eighth part of the best arcade racing on Android "AAsphalt 8: Airborne (Mod, Free Shopping) ". In the new series of races, the creators of the game offer us not only stunning tracks, but also all kinds of flights over the road in the air. A large assortment of trampolines, both natural and artificial, make the game not ordinary, when jumping you will take your breath away! And super cool graphics will not let you break away from the gameplay.

Asphalt 8: Airborne (Mod, Free Shopping)

How to play? It is quite simple to play Asphalt, but only at the beginning, then it is more difficult, but by that time you will have mastered the game well. As soon as you download, install and launch the game, you will be asked to choose controls, there are two types of them: control by tilting the device and pressing (I would like to note that the first option is very difficult and we recommend choosing the second one). Then you choose a simple car and go to the track to start learning how to drive and earn money to improve the characteristics of the car. There will be a lot of jumps on the track that you should hit in order to gain nitro acceleration in flight. During the race, you will also be able to earn points by colliding with other participants of the race, you can even destroy them, which will give a huge advantage in time.

Digression: the game Asphalt 8 : There are several competitors for takeoff – these are Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Real Racing 3 that you may have already played. But these are completely different games, although the NSF somewhat resembles Asphalt. In terms of realism, then Real Racing 3 there are no competitors, but if you want a crazy speed drive, then Asphalt 8: Airborne is a good choice!

The game world in the game Asphalt 8 For Takeoff, namely the tracks are very beautiful, you will be able to visit different parts of the world. Iceland, Venice, Nevada, Dubai are all waiting for you in the game!

There are a huge number of cars in the game, namely 56 cars, which will include the Pagani Zonda R, Ferrari FXX, Lamborghini Veneno and Bugatti Veyron. Each car has its own unique engine sound – it gives an indescribable feeling of driving behind each of the cars.
Car improvement, you can improve your car by buying a new motor and the like. Change the paint and much more. All this is available in the store.

Bottom line, the game Asphalt 8: Airborne, for real fans of insane speed and adrenaline! When you dodge oncoming cars, your heart will beat hard from the influx of adrenaline. We recommend this game to all fans of the above mentioned games and not only. The Asphalt arcade race will appeal not only to avid fans of racing, but also to fans of other genres.

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  • Updated: 25-11-2022, 18:06 - v6.7.0d

Добавлены новые спорткары в автосалон. Добавлены ежедневные задачи

v2.9.0h - в новой версии игры выпученной 2017 года вас ждут новые трассы, новые гоночные автомобили и легендарный McLaren MP4/8 который вы сможете получить пройдя все раунды.

Версия 5.8.0k - новые награды, фестивали и многое другое.

v6.1.0g - Предпраздничное обновление в котором вы должны задать жару своим соперникам! Новые акции и праздничное настроение.

v6.4.0i - (Asphalt 8 - Аркадные Гонки) - изменилось название гонок и добавлен мод с неограниченным количество денег для покупки авто!

v6.5.0g - новая версия + мод на деньги!

v6.7.0d - новые тачки - Arash AF8 Falcon Edition, McLaren 720S GT3X и Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta уже ждут вас!