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Automatic Clicker for Android

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Requirements: Android 2.2
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Date: 26-08-2021


Automatic Clicker - I present to your attention an auto-clicker for your Android phone, which allows you to make a huge number of clicks in auto mode, and you can also choose the frequency and zone of clicks on the phone screen!

What is an Autoclicker for?

First of all, this application will be useful for those users of games who want to cheat and pass the game without much effort. For example, if you are farming/mining something and you often need to click on the same screen button, then this application will do everything for you. Or, for example, you are fighting with the boss in insta, then here, too, you can set an automatic clicker on the attack button and just watch how your character will fight without your participation.

Note: this application is intended only for tapping at one point of the screen at a certain time, there is no recording of actions and the like in the application is not provided.

Clicker Settings:

  1. It is possible to select the area of pressing on the screen;
  2. Ability to adjust the spread of clicks on the screen;
  3. You can configure the click delay and set a certain order in minutes or seconds;
  4. You can set a certain number of clicks on a particular place on the screen.

Application Features:

There is nothing special to highlight from the features – this is a regular application that everyone can use. To use it, it is enough to download the apk file from our website, install, run and give some minor permissions to control your Android phone. The application can work in single-threaded or multi-threaded mode!

The application settings will not take much time from your user, just configure the area and click time, the program will do the rest for you! To download the Automatic Clicker program for Android , just follow the links below. On the site you can download the full (premium) version of the program and the hacked version, where there are no ads. Enjoy clicking!

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