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Download the game Castle Raid! for Android

Category: Arcades #Strategies
Requirements: Android 7.x
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Date: 31-08-2021


Castle Raid! is another simple strategy from the developer "Woooo" for Android in which the player will be offered to mow the grass so that military soldiers can get to the castle. The essence is simple, you will have a whole army of blue men who need help in overcoming the tall grass, for this they have you, because only you can mow the grass with a slight movement of your finger and give passage to the little men so that they fight with red enemies.

Why is this a strategy, you may ask? Yes, because you have to cut the grass so that your "blue" men surround the red ones and destroy them, and for this you must have strategic thinking.

Among the features in the game, we can note only a unique idea, simple controls and ordinary graphics. You can download the game for free from our website using the links in the " " blockDownload the game Castle Raid!". The game is only available on Android with us and in the off app store.