Beatstar - Touch Your Music

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Beatstar - Touch Your Music

Beatstar - Touch Your Music: is a fairly popular musical "rhythm" game for Android today in which the player is offered to create his own music or play an existing one.

How to play:

Playing the Beatstar game on Android is quite simple for this you must have a good reaction! To play, you must tap on the notes in time, which will fly on the screen of your device, the fewer notes you miss, the more points you will score. With each level it will be more and more difficult and the notes of the "buttons" that you need to press will move faster.

During the game, you will discover more and more new songs, tracks from famous artists both in the pop genre and in the classical. The Beatstar game can be called an endless game, since there is no limit to the amount of music!

  • Discover new songs after each level;
  • Popular songs that everyone knows;
  • A table of records where you can compare your results.

As a result, the Beatstar game for your phone is a great music game for Android that will be interesting to play for all music lovers and not only! We put 5-points!

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