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Tsuki's Odyssey mod for Android

Category: Casual #Simulators #For a tablet #In Russian #Hacked games
Requirements: Android 5
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Date: 08-09-2021


Odyssey of Tsuki - is an unusual game in which you do not have to work hard, the game is rather passive or active, which immerses the main character of the game and all the inhabitants of the village called "Mushroom Valley"into the world of Tsuki.

What is Tsuki:

Remember that "Tsuki" is not a pet like tamagotchi Angela 2 who needs to be looked after. Tsuki is a free animal and it can go wherever it wants and do whatever it wants. If you often go into the game, you can see how the city is developing and Tsuki is walking in it.

Gameplay of the game:

The game is very beautiful, pleasant gentle tones and a unique development system. In the game you have to develop build and decorate houses, make friends and play with them, go fishing and have fun in every possible way.

The result of the game (the original name of Tsuki's Odyssey) is not suitable for everyone and only a player who has reached the age of 13 can understand the meaning of the game if you are a current, then go ahead to download from our site for free mod, cheat codes version with infinite money.