Download MangaLib app for Android

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Download MangaLib app for Android

MangaLib is a mobile application that allows you to collect your own collection of Manga comics - download and read new volumes, as well as comment and discuss with other readers. MangaLib users will no longer need to search for new comics all over the Internet, just one application in Russian is enough. At the moment, many genres of comics have already been added, including a separate catalog of Japanese comics. The service is constantly being improved and updated!

This service analogue is completely in Russian, which means that even Russians without knowledge of English will be able to read comics. The MangaLib app does not require powerful phones and works on any Android versions.

Application Features

Features of MangaLib app

The MangaLib application is a kind of comic book reader, thanks to which it is convenient to read from the mobile phone screen without straining your eyes. You can read both online and offline downloaded files. When reading "Manga", you can bookmark and save interesting quotes, as well as share with friends.

The developers of the application took into account all user requests and made a convenient sorting of comics by genre, popularity, views. Anyone can customize their filter and save it as a template. Filters will help you sort comics only in Russian.

As for the personal account, everything is fine here, too, and you can view what you have already watched, what you have added to favorites, as well as rate and write or respond to comments from other users. Comments in MangaLib are a kind of forum / club where you can communicate with users on a common topic.


There is a recommendation module on the main page of the application, where you can watch comics selected specifically for you based on your upcoming preferences. Also on the main page there is a blog with novelties and new extracts of comics.

Android App

Do not rejoice ahead of time because the creators . we still haven't made a mobile application for our site and therefore have to be content with what we have. Of course, the website can be viewed through any browser, but it's not exactly an application, and therefore we offer some analogues of the MangaLib application like Manga Watcher X, which will definitely come to all readers of "Manga" without exception. In addition to analogues, you can add a shortcut to the desktop of the official MangaLib website. You can read about how to do this below! You can download APK file Mangalib, only on !

Download MangaLib

Download the MangaLib app

As above, we have already figured out why there is no official application, so we offer you Manga Watcher X – a virtual cabinet with Japanese comics for Android phones. The application allows you to create a huge shelf with all your books that you read from Japanese "Manga" to American comics. All comics can be divided into genres and categories, which is very convenient.

The main features of the proposed reader are that it supports a huge number of sites from which comics are synchronized, which allows you to update the Manga library. Also, the user can place on the shelves of the cabinet already purchased comics from the phone or from the PC.

The mode of reading and eye fatigue from the screen is thought out to the smallest detail and allows you to change the brightness of the screen, the background under the text and the text itself. Also, the application can be independently adjusted by the lighting sensors in your phone. A lot of scaling options and a lot of other things. Everything to make reading comics as convenient and safe as possible for the eyes!

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