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Life With a Slave Teaching Feeling (18+, Full)

Category: +18 #Novels #Offline games #Tablet #Mod #Without cache
Requirements: Android 5
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Date: 30-10-2022


Life With a Slave Teaching Feeling (18+, Full) - this is another visual novel in anime style not in Russian unfortunately, which is a lot of explicit content for adults, which means that this game for visitors of our portal 18+! In the game you will play as a certified plastic surgeon, who changes the face of those girls who have problems with the law, as soon as they go to his office, then it all starts! In addition to plastic surgery, the doctor has a part-time job, if someone gets hurt by the police during a chase he's happy to fix them up, but just because of that the doctor has serious problems with the police.

So this time, when you started playing the game Life With a Slave Teaching Feeling someone came to you for help and you couldn't refuse help and for that you were offered a reward in the form of a sexy slave who will do anything for you! This time you have to help the slave herself back to a normal life, but everything you do has dire consequences.

At the end we have a great visual novel in anime style, which you can download for free from our website. And translation can be done by special software! In this mod you will find a full version of the game!