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  • Updated: 6-05-2023, 21:24
  • Android Version: 2.2
  • Current version: 10.7.2
  • Size: 9.88 Mb

Meet the program Lucky Patcher for Android - this is one of the most popular license hacking programs in Android games and programs. So, let's analyze in order what functions this program has.

What can:

When you first start the program, Lucky Patcher will perform a full scan of the device and find those applications that can be patched and those that cannot, it will break them into two categories. That's it! Now how to remove the license and games or disable advertising, read below.

How to hack the game via Lucky Patcher:

As you have already understood from the above, through the Lucky Patcher application, you can disable license verification in most Android games. To do this is quite simple, we want to go to the Android games download the game that you liked, next.

  1. We go to Lucky Patcher looking for a game that needs to be hacked;
  2. Tap on it and hold;
  3. Select the item "delete check" and then "automatic modes";
  4. After that, click the "patch " button and that's it!

Removing Lucky Patcher ads:

Many people are infuriated by advertising in the game, including me, so with the help of this program, you can easily remove it from the application to do this, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to Lucky Patcher and select the desired application;
  2. Make a long tap and hold;
  3. Select "remove ads" then "remove ads with a patch" that's it!

  • The program is completely free;
  • You can remove the license check in games;
  • Russian interface;
  • Intuitive interface.

  • Requires ROOT rights.

Important: patching applications is great, of course, but remember that there is a huge risk that the application will not start after that, so if you value your game or program, make a backup copy.

Bottom line, Lucky Patcher for Android  is a great program that will surely be useful to many!

Lucky Patcher for Android

Download Lucky Patcher for Android for free

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