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Постер Russian Car Drift (Mod, Unlimited Money)

Russian Car Drift (Mod, Unlimited Money)

Category: Races #Tablet #Mod #Without cache #Rus
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 28-10-2022


Russian Car Drift (Mod, Unlimited Money) is a race in which our favorite Russian cars are collected, on which you can drift. In the game, you will be asked to build an unrealistically cool car in your own garage, pump it to the maximum so that you can then proudly ride through the best parking lots in the city.

What can you do:
  • Tuning: install the speller, body kits, trunk, bumpers and wheels;
  • Appearance: paint your car to your taste and color from factory paints to crazy ones of your choice;
  • Like all android games of this kind, it is also possible to improve the wheelbase of the departure, stiffness and height in "RCD";
  • Among other things, you can stick stickers on your cars from the game, or upload your own from the gallery;
  • Upgrade the engine as you progress to bring down the fastest at the start;
  • There is a car dealership where you can buy Soviet cars.

Bottom line, the game "Russian Car Drift" on Android is what you need for fans of Russian wheelbarrows! Play, earn money on races, buy parts and make your car better. This game has quite realistic controls and graphics!

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  • Updated: 28-10-2022, 23:58 - v1.9.21

v1.9.6 - Новогоднее обновление в которое добавлены новые машины, карты и задания!

v1.9.19 - вот и кончилось лето, но не повод грустить - мы добавили новой осенние событие! Добавлена новая тачка, колеса, тюнинг и многое другое. Также появился мод на деньги.

v1.9.21 - новые, уникальные детали на Хэллоуин, новые события и главный приз новая тачка + мод на деньги!