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Постер GRID Autosport (torrent + cache)

GRID Autosport (torrent + cache)

Category: Races #Tablet #Rus #Popular game
Requirements: Android 9
Views: 13 040
Date: 01-11-2022


GRID Autosport (torrent + cache) – Meet a cool race for Android with graphics that you haven't seen yet. In the game you will be able to start the most boring professional career of a racer in a class AAA game from the not-little-known studio Codemasters! GRID Autosport combines several genres at once, it is a car driving simulator and an arcade game mode that is difficult to resist.

GRID Autosport (torrent + cache)

Features in the game GRID Autosport:
  • Additional cars and tracks right in the game;
  • Multiple control options: from behind the steering wheel, tilt the phone, arrows or gamepad;
  • More than 100 cars and tracks to pass;
  • Don't you play well? It doesn't matter! Multiple difficulty modes from light to heavyweight;
  • A lot of racing options are drift, drag, street racing, etc.

Bottom line, the game GRID Motorsport on Android is a super game with great graphics for all fans of racing. There is a very small minus is the presence of Android 9.0 (Pie) on board with 4GB memory, but I think this is not a problem nowadays.

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  • Updated: 1-11-2022, 15:59 - v1.9.4RC1

v1.9.4RC1 - обновленная версия игры в которую добавлены новые автомобили, обновись же сейчас! Данная версия имеет встроенный кэш!