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  • Updated: 6-08-2023, 22:00
  • Android Version: 4.4
  • Link to Google Play: open

Without the tower game Death Worm, which has been downloaded by more than 8 million users, and such a huge number of players cannot be mistaken in their choice!

What is the game? Death Worm is a giant worm killer who has no brains and pity he sweeps away everything in his path and is very difficult to stop. And who do you think you're going to play for? Yes, right for a crazy worm!

This terrible monster will be completely under your control. With him, you can cause complete chaos, by destroying people, animals, birds, blowing up such, cars and shooting down planes with helicopters. And no super cool army will stop you, because you are many times superior to everyone and a bullet is like a mosquito bite for you.

The controls in the game are so simple that absolutely any user can figure it out. Whether it's an experienced gamer or someone who purchased a phone today. All actions are performed with one finger, but if you want to speed up, you have to use the second.

Among the features in the game, it is worth highlighting 60 levels in 4 locations, 4 types of worms, 50 types of enemies, 3 mini-games, 2 survival modes, super support for HD graphics for tablets and a table of records with achievements where you can brag about your results.

As a result, the Death Worm game on Android, although already old, still does not give up in its positions among competitors. This is a game that can be played in any revenge and it will not leave more than one user indifferent one hundred percent! Our Life PDA portal gives 5 points to the worm!

Death Worm

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