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Five Nights At Floppa for Android

Category: Action games #Survival #For a tablet #Without cache
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 08-02-2022


Five Nights At Floppa is a game of the year in which you will have to follow Slap from the cat family and Bingus a rare breed of Sphinxes. Since you work as a security guard in an office space at night, you should always be on the alert so that cats do not sneak into your room and eat your dumplings.

To scare off the cats, you will need to turn on the table lamp, and so that they do not get to you, use the computer and monitor what is happening in other rooms with the help of video surveillance.

Don't let the cats scratch you and try not to let them near you! You can download the game Five Nights At Floppy for Android, as always, from Google Play or our website in apk format.

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  • Updated: 8-02-2022, 06:08 - v1.5

v1.1 - оптимизация и другие исправления!

v1.5 - Ачё так много багов!