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How to block any notification on Android

Category: Customization
Date: 12-02-2021
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If you, like me, are tormented by notifications from applications of the type AliExpress, Valberis, Ozone and others, then know they can really be disabled by standard means.

It is unnecessary to install additional applications, it is enough to look at your settings well and find the item " Notifications", which, in fact, we need. In this section, you will see a list of all installed applications, where you need to select the desired one and disable notifications.

How to disable notifications:

  1. Go to the menu;
  2. Select Settings;
  3. Next notifications;
  4. Select the desired application;
  5. Remove the toggle switch to the left (disable notifications).

What will disabling notifications on Android do:

  • They will not bother you, you yourself can go into the application and see what new has happened.
  • The battery charge will keep longer as you will not light up the screen, vibrate the phone, and also the excess Internet traffic will not be consumed.

Important: do not disable notifications from important applications such as " security", "phone", "messages"," public services " and others like that, I think you have understood the idea, for example, using the Telegram program, you should not disable notifications from it, since you will not be able to see new messages until you log in to the application.

Now you know how to block notifications from applications in Android devices, not only on phones, but also on any other.