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Buggy, slows down and freezes Samsung Galaxy how to reboot and what to do?

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Date: 08-08-2021
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Samsung is one of the top 3 brands in sales of mobile phones worldwide, it is a favorite of many consumers and although the company is huge and has a lot of experience in the development of its Galaxy smartphones, you should not deny the fact that the phones have many disadvantages.

Most often, people search the Internet for how to get rid of the hang and type in the search bar something like the following: Samsung freezes, freezes or Samsung S6 freezes, they are also looking for other models starting from S3 and so on. This is an irrefutable fact that a Korean product under the Samsung brand has a tendency to hang up quite often.

Most users encounter this problem on Samsung and try to find the origins of the problem and ways to solve the problem once and for all in order to avoid freezes in the future.

As it was found out, there can be many reasons for the device to hang, and it is not possible to choose one specific one. Such a difficult situation is confusing and very annoying for the user of a well-known brand.

Whatever it is, in this article we will try to analyze some tips that may help you solve the problem with freezing, glitches and brakes of the device.

However, in this article we will discuss some tips that will help you cope with phone freezes, brakes and glitches and reduce the frequency of their occurrence.

How to restart the Samsung Galaxy if it freezes, we use two buttons:

If the phone is frozen and does not respond to touches on the screen, then you can try to restart it in a fairly old, but time-tested way by pressing 2 buttons.

Step-by-step instructions on how to restart your Samsung Galaxy phone in a simple way:

  1. You need to hold down 2 buttons – this is the "On" button/Off" and the "volume down" rocker, hold them together for at least 10 seconds.
  2. Wait until the phone comes to its senses and the Samsung corporate logo appears, after which normal loading will begin.

This is a very simple but effective way that will allow you to continue using the phone until the next hang. If you want to get rid of this disease, then you should read the article further.

Buggy, slows down and freezes Samsung Galaxy how to reboot and what to do?

Why the Samsung smartphone is buggy, slows down and freezes, all the reasons:

Below we will try to give most of the reasons why the phone may hang. Samsung products are used by most people on the planet and they are all looking for an answer to their question for what reasons does the Samsung phone hang?

Touchwiz – all phones work on Android, but Samsung has its own so-called launcher that is installed on a naked Android and you see what you see in your phone. This is a kind of shell that you will immediately understand that you have Samsung in your hands even if you do not see its case. The problem with Touchwiz is that it can reboot the operating system and when the limits are exceeded, the phone freezes. You can solve this problem only by updating Touchwiz or by updating the phone to a different version of Android.

Unnecessary heavy applications - in addition to the standard pre-installed applications from Samsung, you could install additional ones that always work and consume your RAM already occupied by standard applications. Check it out, maybe you have various programs for collecting data "batteries" and the like.

Unnecessary widgets on the desktop

– the problem of hanging can be caused by widgets that are installed on your desktop. Most of the widgets do not carry useful information, but only harm your phone every second eating your operating system and battery. Leave only the most basic ones – this is the clock and the weather, or install a bundle from Google there will be a date and the weather in a stylish classic style.

Small amount of RAM:

Both old and new phones have models with a small amount of memory, this leads to the fact that there is not enough memory to perform all tasks and therefore the phone freezes. For example, if you have an old phone, then it's good if it has 1 GIGABYTE of RAM and this is not enough today, so your programs are updated, including Android itself, and begin to consume only more memory that does not expand. Therefore, the only way out is to replace the mobile phone.

What to do if there are no coins to purchase a new device. You need to perform the appropriate actions that will help avoid frequent freezes. To do this, you need to read the article to the end.

6 tips: what to do when Samsung Galaxy freezes?

As we have already figured out, there are a huge number of reasons why the phone can curl. However, if you follow the tips written below, you may be able to solve your problem. These tips should be kept in mind when using the phone to prevent subsequent freezes.

Removing heavy and unnecessary applications:

There are many people who install everything in a row and then do not use it. I don't know about you, but I have a lot of such friends, and I always didn't understand why there was so much garbage in the application menu, even if memory allows.

Start improving your smartphone by cleaning the cache and then deleting unnecessary applications, especially those that are heavy and weigh a lot, taking up the memory and processor of the device.

To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Go to the "menu", select the "settings" icon and find the "applications" tab.
  2. Find the application that is unnecessary, but you have it.
  3. Go to the applications and "stop" it, and then "delete" it.

In newer versions of Samsung phones, you will be able to delete applications by pinching your finger on the shortcut and dragging it to the trash.

Enabling safe mode with 2 buttons on Samsung:

Unfortunately, we cannot give a 100% guarantee that your phone will successfully boot into safe mode. Safe mode differs from normal mode only in that it does not launch third-party applications, they are all turned off. The whole point of this event is to identify third-party applications because of which the phone freezes.

To enable safe mode, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "On" button/Off" and hold it:
  2. When the Samsung logo appears, release "On/Off" and immediately press the "volume down" swing until the reboot is finished;
  3. After the inscription "Safe mode" is displayed on the screen, release the swing.

If the launch operation was successful, then you can proceed with actions that will help calculate the third-party application that is causing the system to hang. Turn on the applications in turn and see what happens.

Clearing the cache on Samsung, how is it not strange?

It's easier said than done, but let's still try to clean the application cache at the same time, thereby freeing up additional memory space. Clearing the cache in applications is quite simple, follow the instructions below.

Here's how to clean the cache on Samsung:
  1. Go to the "menu";
  2. We find and go to the "Settings";
  3. Select the "Applications"tab;
  4. We are looking for an application in which we want to delete the cache;
  5. Go to the application and click the"stop" button;
  6. And finally we go to the application memory and click "clear cache".

How to delete everything and start over on Samsung:

If you have dozens, or even hundreds of applications, then clearing the cache will turn into torment, then we recommend that you do a "Hard Reset", BUT WITH THIS you need to save your photos, music, contacts, since this data will be lost forever.

How to Make a Hard Reset on a Samsung Galaxy Quickly:
  1. Go to the "Menu", then "Settings";
  2. Go to the "General Settings" tab, then "Reset" and click on "Reset Settings";
  3. Confirm your desire to reset the settings and a Hard Reset will be performed!

Soon on our website you will be able to read more detailed information on how to reset the settings to factory settings on a Samsung Galaxy or how to perform a Hard Reset.

Partition cleaning for updating the system cache:

After performing the update, you could partially leave the cache when working with previously deleted applications. And of course, those applications that remain can continue to consume it - this should be avoided and for this you need to update the cache to a new one, and delete the old one.

This step should be performed if you failed to launch "safe mode", or deleting applications did not give results and the phone is still buggy. You need to go to the "Recovery Mode" for cleaning.

Actions to perform (at your own risk):

  1. Turn off the phone;
  2. Turn on with the "Home", "Volume Up" and "On" buttons clamped down/Off";
  3. As soon as the Samsung logo appears, we remove the finger from " On/Off";
  4. As soon as the Android logo appears, you can release the other buttons;
  5. You can control the "+/- volume" buttons in the Recovery Mode menu, the screen does not work here;
  6. Find and select " Wipe cache partition "with the" On " button/Off";
  7. On the next window, click "Yes", thereby confirming the clearing of the cache;
  8. Wait until the cleaning is finished and click "Reboot system now" — this is a reboot!

If even after the bottom action your phone continues to be stupid and buggy in every possible way, then there is only one option left. Reinstall the operating system.

Moving applications to internal memory: